About The Owner

Fresh Kreationz

About The Owner

Hello everyone! My name is Carynn (K-Ren) and I am the creator and owner of Fresh KreationZ.

Every since my freshman year at the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!), I've always aspired to have my own clothing brand. I majored in Graphic Design for a short period of time until reality set in that I would not be able to afford the materials needed to complete the rigorous class projects.

While in college, I was always known for having the freshest sneakers and clothes (even though I was poor and shopped ON A BUDGET), and because of this, I was given the nickname "CayFresh." Even though things didn't work out how I planned regarding my career aspirations, I kept this idea in the back of my head until the right time presented itself. That was 14 years ago, and now I'm the proud owner of Fresh KreationZ!

Follow me at Kicks4Fresh on Instagram and YouTube to learn more about my passion for sneakers and shopping for clothes on a budget! Don't forget to tag me in your "Fresh Fit of the Day" posts with Fresh KreationZ items for a potential #FreshFitApproved feature on my story! 

Follow the brand page on Instagram at @Fresh_Kreationz to stay up to date on the latest drops!

Shoutout to all my family and friends for giving me the push I needed to make this dream a reality.

Stay Fresh!